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Our Story

Arians Industry  is based in Gujarat, India. Our base is well connected by road, air and rail. Therefore, we are capable of catering to clients all over India. In addition, we have a associated with various logistics service providers that empower us to make timely delivery that too in a cost effective manner. 

Production Unit
Our company has set up spacious production unit fully equipped with the latest technologies and advanced Extractor Distillers. To effectively and efficiently fulfill all our customers’ demands, our unit seamlessly incorporates both software and hardware components that help us produce large quantities per day. In addition, we have an ultramodern testing facility where each product we make is thoroughly tested.

Our Team 
Since, we have a reputation to uphold, it becomes imperative for us to choose only the best experts in the field of ayurvedic treatment to be part of our venture. Hence, we have a very strict hiring process that allows us to filter out the best professionals to carry out our services. Some of the experts we have in our team include :

  • Ayurveda experts

  • Beauticians

  • Hair stylists

  • Skilled-workers

Why Us?
Over the years, we have created an indelible position in the industry by providing exceptional and highly effective services to our clients. Other accreditations that set us apart are as follows :

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Team of highly experienced professionals

  • Use of all natural products and techniques

  • Right pricing policy

  • 24×7 customer care support

  • Customized packaging solutions

Story of Brand - Natural Concept

Natural Concept was born out of a deep-rooted passion for harnessing the power of nature to create high-quality herbal cosmetics products. Founded by Ashok Desai, a visionary entrepreneur with a keen eye for natural ingredients and their benefits, the brand quickly gained popularity for its innovative formulations and commitment to sustainability.

As Ashok's son, Kunal Desai, joined the business, he brought with him a unique set of skills in design, development, and end-to-end marketing strategies. Together, they worked tirelessly to create a brand that not only delivered exceptional results but also resonated with consumers who were looking for natural alternatives to traditional cosmetics.

With Kunal's expertise in product development and design, Natural Concept quickly became known for its aesthetically pleasing packaging and effective formulations. Each product was carefully crafted using only the finest herbal ingredients, sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers. From nourishing face creams to revitalizing hair serums, every item in the Natural Concept range was designed to enhance natural beauty without compromising on quality.

Meanwhile, Nirav Desai, the technical genius behind the scenes, oversaw the manufacturing process to ensure that every product met the brand's high standards. With his meticulous attention to detail and expertise in production, he played a crucial role in bringing Natural Concept's vision to life.

Together, the Desai family built Natural Concept into a brand that stood for authenticity, integrity, and innovation. Their commitment to using natural ingredients, reducing environmental impact, and supporting local communities set them apart in the competitive cosmetics industry.

Today, Natural Concept continues to thrive under the leadership of Kunal and Nirav, with Ashok's guiding principles still at the heart of the business. With a loyal customer base and a growing reputation for excellence, the brand looks set to continue its journey towards becoming a household name in the world of Herbal Cosmetics.

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