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Skin Care routine for Monsoon

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After the scorching summer heat, the monsoon comes as a relief. The temperature is finally bearable, there’s a lot of greenery around and a cool breeze greets you when you step out. While there may be a lot of pros to look at during this season, don’t forget that the rainy season comes with its share of skin problems. As the weather gets unpredictable and humidity levels rise, your skin finds it difficult to adjust to the changes and maintain its glow. A good monsoon skin care routine should be followed to combat this. Those with oily and acne-prone skin may also face a hard time during this season trying to keep all the excess oil on their face under control. As the weather changes, it is also important to change your skin care routine. Using lightweight products and following a monsoon skin care routine can keep problems at bay. Apart from the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturising, you also need to follow a few tips that will keep your skin in optimal health throughout the season. In this article, we have listed out 12 such important monsoon skin care tips that should be added into your routine immediately for problem-free and healthy skin.

  • Quick monsoon skin care tips

  • 1. Use soap free cleanser

  • 2. Exfoliation is key

  • 3. Opt for minimal makeup

  • 4. Use a toner

  • 5. Don’t skip sunscreen

  • 6. Use a clay mask

  • 7. Apply moisturiser

  • 8. Don’t forget sensitive areas

  • 9. Include vitamin C

  • 10. Use antifungal powder

  • FAQs about monsoon skin care tips

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